Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 2.56.12 PMIt’s not “social  media” that CEOs need concern themselves. It’s more a common sense leadership thing about knowing one’s self and one’s company’s Social Self.  A company’s Social Self can be a revenue-influencing metric that shows a CEO the comparative values between its company and its competitors when and how it is Being Social vs Not Being Social. Being Social can be simply thought of as the opposite of Keeping To Yourself (ideas, problems, praise and criticism, joys and concerns, brand personality and values, laughter and tears, living and loving, success and failures, apologies, fixes and service innovations).  Now would be a good time to bring in the CTO to join the conversation. CMOs and CTOs are the key drivers of a CEOs mandate for your company, at every level, Getting Out of Your Office and Cubicle and…Being Social. With each other and with your customers. Social technology which give rise to buttons you click on icons on your devices are simply the means you can employ internally to enable social behaviors to take place online, endowing these interactions with the scale, speed, and disruptive economics of the Internet. It is simply a powerful way of efficiently organizing knowledge, culture, and economic and political power that is best translated into revenue when it is a power given to your customers.

Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016