”Cold as all hell, climb in, front’s ok,” said the shadowed face behind the wheel in the dark blue Ford that stopped to pick your out-of-gas ass up at two in the freezing morning on a lonely dark road in Godknowswhere…

In context of the whole story, did you find yourself convinced… or persuaded, by the desk sergeant on the phone? The car? The driver?  The girly magazine, wool hat and PB&J sandwich oozing in the plastic baggy? And back at your marketing job of the moment, which are you trying to do? Convince — or persuade?  “Persuasion appeals to emotions and to fear and to the imagination,” says Seth Godin. “Convincing requires a spreadsheet or some other rational device. Marketers don’t convince. Engineers convince. Marketers persuade.”  In Jargonism, Jonathan Dunn offers, “I couldn’t care less if you were convinced that my widget is better than my competitors’ widgets if I haven’t also persuaded you to do something about it – buy it, support it, donate to it, tell your friends about it.”  

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Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016