Do you work to bring in revenue to your company or to satisfy the client?

If you work to bring in revenue, you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. So, the question is How. How are you working to bring in revenue? Are you doing the same thing every day that has proved to be successful? Can’t argue with that, right?

But what if you did it your “proven successful way” all week… and then took one hour a week with your team to Think Like Your Client. To stay a step ahead of your competitors by coming up with the Next Proven Way that leads the way.

Here’s some peanut butter to help you unscrew your right brain for your client and your company’s revenue goals.

You work for a peanut butter company. You and your team are in your weekly “Think Like Your Client” hour. You all decide to try to experience your product like your client, so you simply make peanut butter sandwiches for the whole hour.

At the end of the hour, you find yourselves scraping the bottom of the jar. And you say out loud, “If I were my client, I’d be kinda frustrated not being able to get that last half teaspoon-full of our peanut butter.” You do the math. Every month or so, and for some clients, every week, the unattainable peanut butter adds up. By the end of a year, your client is figuring he lost a full jar or more of peanut butter in those last half teaspoons. But you also figure, so what, that’s just the way it is, nobody gives you that last taste, so what’s the harm? No revenue lost, right?

Well, maybe it’s revenue found in an opportunity to help your client. So you come up with ideas, like a super wide mouth, a special “give-away” scooper knife, or…a container with completely  round, slick walls and caps at each end!

Now, they just unscrew the bottom cap and get what they want: very, very happy.This idea is being developed by Easy PB&J Jar; designer, Sherwood Forlee

Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016