Hmmm, what’s wrong with this picture that makes it so right? So irresistible to the eye and brain? Is your brand saying, Hey, check this out, something different!? Or are you signaling, Been there, done that? Are your customers seeing, feeling, something different about you? Compelling, intriguing them at first sight, to know more? Engaging their imagination to win their interest?

Neuroscience shows brain interest leads to trust. A different point of view leads us to new ideas. New ideas, the diver diving up, trigger an irresistible move inside us to stop and consider a product or service, a world, that might be better. Smarter. More relevant.

Turn the image around, “right side” up, with the diver diving down, entering the water as expected… and it’s just another pretty picture. And you’re so much more than that, right?


Latest Update: Feb 06, 2018