Customers seek remarkable brand experiences — like water for a parched soul.


ILFORD PHOTO: Black-and-white photographers didn’t need to see more photos in ads; they were thirsty for a brand that understood their art.

Inventive. Irrepressible. Illuminating. Ilford. Nobody sees more into black & white than we do.



Interactive. Introspective. Inseparable. Nobody knows the philosophy of black & white like we do.



Intriguing. Involving. Indelible. Nobody’s wilder about black & white than we are.







BMW wanted to acquire the secret torch its riders carried for Harley.





How LIFETIME STUDIOS in Queens won business away from Manhattan.






WYNN, Las Vegas, is about another kind of winning: service.








TIME HOTEL cultivated a creative niche for the heady business traveler.






With tourism sales down, ILNY had to be about loving the whole state.







OFFICE MAX showed it knew its customers only too well.





IRONBOUND BANK had to relate to its bread and butter prospects.











Dedicated to community, UMDNJ relies on national recognition.





TIMBERLINE COLOGNE is the hot pursuit of a playful kind of romance.






CONSUMER REPORTS showed the teeth of its new web watchdog.









CORCORAN needed to tease and buzz its new “240” residence with fireplace lounge, rooftop pool, great views and location.





MEADOWLANDS RACETRACK required dialog with a younger crowd.





HACKENSACK, first the healthcare choice of women, then of their families.

On Forehead: The most uncomfortable part of a breast exam is felt here.
Over breast: Not here.


UNIVERSITY OF PENN HEALTH needed to connect its name with the emotional needs of its community.





London’s famous UNDERGROUND logo was to be a new clothing brand, connecting on a raw, authentic level with the the deeper intellectual and emotional conflicts under the surface of today’s teenager.

Each teenager’s story would be connected graphically to an Underground train station in London. The last stop on the red page is called “Deep.”


ANTI-COUNTERFEITING COALITION: When Prada, Versace, Swatch, Tiffany, Dior, Benetton, Guess, Louis Vuitton, Hilfiger, Rolex, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Chanel, Ray-Ban, et al, gathered in Washington, D.C. for the Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, they saw the problem, and marketing solution, in an urgent, new way: Fake brands kill real people.

Latest Update: Feb 01, 2018