Grapeshot Get to it

Video loop at Grapeshot’s booth at DMexco, the Digital Marketing Expo Conference in Cologne, Germany. Time is money. ...

I’m Your Customer, But I am Also Me

Business Challenge: Differentiate this enterprise software tech brand from a sea of sameness and similar-sounding promises of superior

Wherever You Are, You’re Home

Business Challenge: With more than 1,500 employees in multiple offices worldwide, company needed employees+culture to bond, even as

Dear Brand, This is Me, Andrew

Business Challenge: Marketing oneself as “understanding and serving the customer” is one thing. Walking that talk is another. And ...

Find Me Somebody to Love

Business Challenge: Ok, it’s the annal sales summit. Packed days of learning, stressful one-on-one and team situations, conversations, meetings. ...

Where the Magic Happens

Business Challenge: Lifetime Studios, located in Queens, had to win business away from studios located in Manhattan, where producers and ...

Photographers Dream in B&W

Business Challenge: Introduce Ilford, a black-and-white photography brand, in Kodak-dominated U.S. market. Launch w/ $1million budget and 0%

Think You Know Me, Do You?

Business Challenge: Marketing oneself as "understanding and serving the customer" is one thing. Walking that talk is another.

The Hotel as Place That Inspires

Business Challenge: With a clutter of NYC hotels competing for a guest’s dollar, The Time Hotel had to ...