Compass Integrity

Dear CEO,

We established that revenue growth is linked to two sets of values: 1. The Internal Marketing Compass, pointing us true north to our brand’s internal values of style, detail, emotion, discovery, trust, wow factor, and integrity. And 2. The External Marketing Compass, pointing us to our measurable external values of social media, advertising, public relations, events…

So, let’s re-imagine and build a different kind of analytics dashboard that asks and answers:

Dashboard In Use by Man in Jeans!!Externally: Who is our prospect, really? Where do they live, work and play? How and when is our prospect most receptive? How and when do they search, compare, buy, share? What exactly are they saying out there? (All that social media conversation! Are we capturing, scaling and irrigating it with Sprinklr to feed customer happiness and grow our business?!) Might an alternative message change sales results? Are we meeting revenue goals? What is conversion rate on leads?

Internally: How well are we calibrating our Internal Marketing Compass to our brand’s style, detail, emotion, discovery, trust, wow factor, and integrity?  

This two-compass marketing dashboard is a game changer for a hard-driving CEO and his blue-skying CMO.


See: Open Letter to CEOs: Internal Marketing Compass.  See Two-Compass Marketing video.

Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016