Four Freeze Frame Thoughts In 4 Seconds Before Climbing In That Car…

1. We feel before we think. Impulse is more powerful than reason, an odds-on favorite to do — or not to do — that thing you might accept or reject with more information and deliberation.

2. To be Persuaded is to tap into a Zero Moment of Truth, to let go, forestall, deny or mitigate reason, and liberate a feeling — of trust, safety, desire, need, thirst, hunger, fear, based on your sense of that thing and of everything…

3. Life, moment to moment, requires an authorizing respect for being persuaded, for having a feeling and living by it. You take a step forward because you feel that the floor or earth under you won’t open up and devour you. Even though danger is a possibility, you have a feeling that this particular floor at this particular time is a good bet for you moving forward with a trust that you will not be hurt or killed.

4. The most powerful stuff would be to enter into a feeling of Persuasion already Convinced. But, counterintuitively, even with the otherwise convincing word of the police desk sergeant, you still might not get in that car if you weren’t Persuaded that it was safe, based on your feeling in that Zero Moment of Truth — a moment of persuasion and “purchase” which is less about what’s true and convincing factually, than what is felt to be a trusted truth felt by you.

“Ah, shit, sorry it took me this long, I’m Frank, retired cop….Desk sergeant York called me about you being stuck out here. Gotta tank of gas in the trunk for your car. Like peanuts and jelly? Wife made ya this sandwich here…climb in…”

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Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016