Business Challenge:
Customer journey mapping, and tracking, had become for the sales team another kind of annoying to-do list and labor of less-than-love. Challenge was to come up with a way — an experience, not just marketing package — that would engage sales, and all employees, to empathize and truly engage in the journey in human terms — seeing a customer as a person who needs help, knowledge and things at distinctly different times in the relationship. 
 Internally, focus on Sales Team; Externally, the transparency of sharing this can accelerate journey itself. 
Customer Insight:
When you walk the talk — literally, physically, through touch, sound and sight, you learn not only faster but deeper, with longer recall.  Sounds obvious, but so much tech communication sidesteps the obvious: if the experience doesn’t lead to an outright expression of understanding and value, and enjoyment, then it’s the experience, not the story or the storyteller, that is not working. 
Position the customer journey itself as clear and simple and engaging (i.e., fun). 
Creative Solution:  
Create experiential “theater” as the classroom. Demonstrate journey’s value through a physical walk-through and real, human touch. 
Business Value:
Engagement is the foundation of relationships that wins and keeps new business.

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