Business Challenge: Create the pilot program for a 12-15 year old, youth-clothing brand called Underground, a licensed agreement with the iconic London Underground. This age group is between major market groups and misunderstood for its complexity.
Youth clothing market, 12-15 years of age.
Customer Insight:
Kids 12-15 feel misunderstood and even resist wanting to be understood, for fear of making it worse.  They feel and relate to being “underground” with their intense emotional stirrings that are building their lives, their stories, as they live them. But, there’s is a secret community that they might open to, if they feel it is real and not some tool to win their business. 
Positioned the brand as “Your Station, Your Story” —  empathetic of these searching human beings at every station in their journey. Not so much a clothing/fashion label, as a sounding board, a town square for real stories coming from a real place. Keep it real, raw, uncensored. 
Creative Solution:  
Gave these customers an emotional platform, for expressing, by permission, their own hidden, turbulent feelings stirring and churning underneath…via Guerrilla or “Wild Media” to bolster or replace traditional means of branding a label.  Created a physical and digital communal diary to be placed on school cafeteria tables, bus, school and park benches, music and fast-food outlets, etc. The customers themselves would be the social media communicators of the brand, through their own real, raw, honest stories. With hand-designed underground stations embroidered on the inside of the article of clothing.  
Business Value:
By first reaching this intensely deep and secretive group in a time of their lives so vulnerable, we could earn their trust and their own word-of-mouth.

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Underground cover face



Underground Umbrella Fire



Underground My Big Theory



Undground Respect
Underground Hockey Girl




Underground Guy




Underground Marble Arch




Underground Old Woman





Underground Dog




Underground If My Mother Knew





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