I got a lot of my inspiration from my dad and his father, my Grampa Meyer. It often came in stories at the dinner table, bedtime, and riding to work together.

So, for Father’s Day, I’m telling them a story that will take them for a ride 800,000 miles away — and right here next to me, Melanie and my sons. It sounds impossible. Especially considering that my father and grampa died decades ago. But, I’ll be damned if we’re not taking this Father’s Day ride together.

The story begins in 2004. There was this old, hardened detective named Cassini who was on the hunt for one of history’s greatest works of art. Cassini found it in the middle of nowhere — and everywhere. Eight-hundred thousand miles from Earth. One problem. What Cassini discovered was so massive, and in a place so far away, it couldn’t be brought back home. We’d just have to be satisfied with it remaining where it was found — and with Cassini’s pictures that didn’t just rock our worlds, but our universe. As Carl Sagan said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

I have a feeling my dad and Meyer already knew this. They were just waiting for us and this moment.

CASSINI MISSION from Chris Abbas on Vimeo.

Also published on Medium | Music Track: 2 Ghosts I, Ghosts I – IV by Nine Inch Nails. Designer and director, Chris Abbas. Film made possible by NASA’s Cassini Imaging Science System. Cassini completed its initial four-year mission to explore Saturn in June 2008. Its extended mission, called the Cassini Equinox Mission, was finished in September 2010. Today, Cassini continues in its mission called the Cassini Solstice Mission.

Latest Update: Jun 25, 2016