See if you can tell how the stock image and headline, respectively below, were reimagined…and why.

Stock is the default choice for the speed and pace of getting your message out. An inherent problem with a lot of stock is that it’s a stock answer. The brain isn’t challenged. There’s nothing new and intriguing for the mind to “play” with.¬† It instantly scans the image — or text — and decides, “been there, done that.”¬†Since the play’s the thing, try playing with and re-imagining the image or headline. Our brains are wired to constantly scan the environment, looking for anything that is new, different, and dangerous That’s why the brain needs to be “in play.” We not only respond to the unexpected customer experience, we crave it. And we love the brand that offers it to us.


Wow Girl Water


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.46.00 PM



Latest Update: Feb 16, 2018