Can you name each currency? Answers below.

The color of branding is money. And money follows performance. As CMO, Jan raised GlobeOp’s brand profile, helping grow AuA 71% to $187 billion, revenue 41% to $221.3 million, and stock value 142%, leading to $1bn acquisition. Contact Jan: 973.454.8536 or See “Meet Jan” video and  Jan’s CV.

Unprecedented exposure for brand and category on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, YouTube, Hedgeweek, HFMWeek…

:15 sec version “Quantum Physics”

:15 sec version “Origami”

:15 sec version “Black Belt”

:15 sec version “Synchronized Swimming”


Demo tour of Client-Secure Portal


Business Cards











Customer Satisfaction Survey “Remarkable Service”: 40,000 data points converted to simple, powerful heat map art, showing progress each year (Blue: Remarkable Service; Yellow: Satisfactory; Red: Unsatisfactory); Printed on canvas and box-framed for every office as the centerpiece branding for the culture-building campaign, “Remarkable Service.”

Heat Maps Trypic No Dates


Annual Report 2010


Annual Report 2011


Direct Response / print and digital


Ads print and digital
Bloomberg e-newsletter fractional ads, consecutive right-hand side pages


Full Page, inside and back covers


Gatefold customized super spread
A. “Teaser” page inside front cover

B. “Reveal” gatefold spread inside front cover


Advertorial spread of a 3-page Q&A interview, in-house designed

Banner Ads

Direct Sales Letter
How do you break through and set up a meeting with a $30bn prospect during impossible-to-schedule holidays? With a hand-delivered box of silver dollar-sized Crumbs cupcakes, designed in the form of a calendar month. The personalized card (below) that greeted the prospect mimicked the design of the month of cupcakes, with a handwritten note that invited prospect to choose a cupcake: the date for a meeting!  Result? A bite, a reply, meeting scheduled and a new-business win.

The back of letter described each cupcake, including our own branded cupcake on bottom right.

Contact Jan at   See “Meet Jan” video.  See Jan’s CV.


1. US dollar 2. Pound sterling 3. Euro
4. Canadian dollar 5. Australian dollar 6. Ukrainian hryvnia
7. Brazilian real 8. South African rand 9. Russian ruble
10. Japanese yen 11. Argentine peso 12. Tanzanian shilling
13. Saudi riyal 14. Norwegian krone 15. Nigerian naira
16. Indonesian rupiah 17. Afghan afghani 18. Maldivian rufiyaa
19. West African CFA franc 20. Indian rupee 21. North Korean won
22. Serbian dinar 23. Georgian lari 24. Iraqi dinar
25. Kyrgyzstani som

Latest Update: Apr 21, 2017