CMOs must rise to be the leaders who “lead the requisite internal change to adapt to the market,” Kim Whitler writes in Forbes on the question “Is the CMO Role Dying or Thriving?”

According to Whitler’s survey at the CMO Exchange conference, CMOs feel their role has gotten significantly more important. A more dispassionate source, Gartner Research, suggests that by 2017, the CMO will manage more of the information services spend than the CIO. The reasons cited for the world needing a new CMO are “the complexity and challenge” of:
1) navigating an “omnichannel” world,
2) migrating from “marketing” leader to “change management officer,”
3) managing customer experience in a radically changed conversion funnel, and
4) leading an effective CMO-CIO (CTO) collaboration.

So, the new CMO will rise on wings made of the lofty stuff of Big Data, math, stats, and problem-solving skills. And, as always, that counterintuitive CMO training and instinct internal and external marketing values.

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Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016