Ever wonder why some people (and brands) have you at hello…and others just don’t? At Uniqlo, Hello isn’t just a company policy. It’s actually a revenue-driving principle of management that must be felt authentically by the customer to mean:
– “I’m here to help you, not sell you.”
– “I respect you.”
Like a cheaply made business card or an empathy-devoid smile, “Hello” can be a hollow customer experience. Don’t let it. It’s in the tone, yes. But that tone is like the musical resonance of the core instrument at play here: respect. The Brief Novel Voices study looked at people hearing the word “Hello” from someone they didn’t know. The finding? From that first one-second exchange, people made rapid impressions on traits like likability, warmth, competence and trustworthiness.

Hello ver 2
For Uniqlo, respect is a non-negotiable trait. And saying “hello” — respect’s calling card — can be the signal that This Is The Place, This Is The Brand, for the customer’s most respectful, empowered shopping and buying experience. Or not.


Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016