Here is the top reason your presentation can fail: Your presentation is boring. That’s it, that’s the top reason. Boredom kills interest, at every point of the total experience, from the ad or post you created to get them to the presentation, to choice of venue, signage, food and drink, materials, lighting, music, post-talk follow up….And of course, your presentation itself.
…and 8 things you can do about it:
1. Make it riveting. 2. Use “wow” visuals. 3. Reduce words on a screen — drastically. Try to keep one frame to less than 10 total words. Really, 10. In fact, No words are better than one word. One word is better than two. Bullets better than sentences. Three bullets better than four bullets.
4. A narrative, a story, makes creative, simple data design come to life. Note: Creative, simple data design!
5. Don’t stand behind a podium.
6. Don’t read from a script.
7. Know your material and simply, naturally, tell your story.
8. Have fun — Play! (Yes, play; it’s serious business methodology). Fun and play open one’s brain (mind, eyes, ears, emotions). “Work” is something they are skipping to come to you. Yet, if you’re not boring and have a great story that helps them, they will leave knowing and feeling something that makes them better at…their work.



Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016