split image editFirst, get to know ‘Ugh’ Customer Experiences

• Each ‘Ugh’ tells 9-15 people; 13% of whom tell 20+*
• Amplifies their unhappiness at massive scale
• Pushes clients toward exit; wards off prospects
• Calls help lines, files support tickets, returns products
• Ties up admin, finance and legal
• Triggers resolution discounts, refunds, etc.
• Creates vicious cycle: more dollars needed on marketing and advertising, less to invest in customer experience,
more unhappy customers…

Do the math: Servicing customer pain points exceeds the cost of great Customer Experience (CX).

Keep it simple
: Invest in Great Customer Experiences. Create a new, anti-vicious cycle:
Great CX > Happy Customers > Word of Mouth > Lifetime Value > Lower Service Costs > Found Revenue.

*White House Office of Consumer Affairs
Source: Medallia


Latest Update: Jun 05, 2016