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Brands are created by people.
But can become, and feel,
less than human.

I help you connect with customers to deliver on brand experiences 
and sales goals.

Jan and I worked together for about 2 years at Sprinklr and tripled revenue together each year. Forget about thinking outside the box, for Jan there is no box. He approaches branding with an organic touch that is rarely seen. He helped guide our clients through a journey that not only told our story but left them wanting more. A wonderful human being.

Michael Logan, SVP, World Wide Sales, Base CRM

Jan elevated the brand and increased awareness of GlobeOp’s franchise dramatically.  I learned from him to approach problems in unconventional, creative ways.

Larry Simons, Mng Dir, SS&C GlobeOp 

Jan knows more than anyone about what makes a brand truly authentic. He understands how technology can bring human empathy and context to global businesses and their customers. He personally brought value to me in creating assets that generated real sales relationships, to help reach my sales numbers.

Dan Swift, Director, Sales, Sprinklr

Jan crafted incredible campaigns. They attracted attention, generated revenues, created a sense that we were out ahead of the market and…boosted our stock price during the run up to the firm’s acquisition. Parenthetically, Jan was one of the most beloved employees in the firm.

Tony Glickman, Mng Risk Partner, Portfolio Risk Technologies

Jan’s high creative energy inspires. His rebranding efforts played a key role in the increase of our share value….great creativity, leadership, drive and negotiating ability …admirable leader, innovator and human being.

Aris Morales, Exec Dir, J.P. Morgan

Jan’s tireless advocacy for original ideas and unorthodox execution always springs from due diligence in research and distinct brand strategy and planning.

Rich Rosenbaum, Partner, Existential Surfing Partners

Passionate and dedicated….a great creative mind and strong strategic thinker. He happens to be a great guy, too!!

Sheryl Goldstein, Sr VP, Sales, Own The Room

Jan put GlobeOp on the map….gave meaning to GlobeOp’s brand and boosted industry awareness immensely. He recognized the core value proposition that GlobeOp delivers to its customers.

Eric Reichenberg, Mng Dir, SS&C GlobeOp

When we hired Jan we were faced with what seemed like a near-impossible task. The campaign, which played out over two years, was a startling success. Jan has a level of intensity and commitment I have rarely seen.

Beau Brendler, Sr Editor, Storyful/News Corp

I knew Jan from our days at Brown University. As a teammate, he pushed others to excel with his hard work and enthusiasm. He was always finishing first in the sprints….As much of a competitor as he was, he was the first to bring levity to a tough situation, immediately putting people at ease.

Jonathan Brunell, Mgr Technical Sales, Xtalic Corp

Jan brings out the best in the people he works with. I would know, I’m one of them. More than once, he’s pushed me to take a good idea and make it great. He’s committed, passionate and above all, supremely strategic. You could look at a thousand creative thinkers and never come across a guy with Jan’s blend of talents.

Corey Guilbault, Symplco


After his morning orange juice, hard-boiled eggs and pushups performed quietly on a small space of floor, my grandfather walked from his family’s apartment down the narrow, winding staircase that barely contained his broad Russian shoulders.

He pushed open the copper-framed door, flipped on the incandescent lights, and swept the sawdust at his eponymous Meyers Grocery in Washington, D.C. Ready for another day of greeting his customers, his neighbors, by their first names, already knowing what they needed, without their having to ask.

Meyer was nothing less than a powerful business brand with great social media skills, minus the technology and Internet. He escaped the pogroms of Russia as a young man without his family, but knowing what it meant to have a voice and to see in a person’s eyes the fears and joys of the human heart. It is why Meyer saw and heard his customers, connected with them, and earned their business, and love. As did his son, Herbert. And as I try to do.

At the other end of the century, after graduating from Brown, I backpacked through Europe, ran the bulls in Pamplona and, with my grandfather’s inheritance, attended Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. Traveling west to my first job in Los Angeles, I would meet an MG-roadster-driving Jersey girl and her Shepherd-Husky. We loved California, but obeyed a pull of gravity back East, where I attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and started a career in marketing. Working for small and large ad agencies before starting my own shop in the village of Tribeca in downtown New York,  I created campaigns for Business Week, I Love New York, BMW Motorcycles, Sprinklr, GlobeOp and other brands.

Today, Jersey Girl and I love our top-down, country-road drives as much as we do the pace and grace of New York, where our two sons live and work. And where I motor my Mini to, channeling the one-on-one customer stories of Meyer and Herbert into every little-big thing I do to help brands be their best human selves.


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