Last time we met, we busted up some branding rules “Three Branding Rules (to Break)
Still pumped? Good. Let’s put a healthy hurt on Three Marketing Plan Rules:

Rule 1 (to break): Create the Marketing Plan Before Getting Creative Involved.

Nah. Don’t wait. Break this rule. Break its door down if you have to, but get Creative in The Room Where it Happens. Creating great, differentiating marketing doesn’t happen by opening the lid of a creative box, throwing in the plan and hitting the “On” button. The Creative fire that forged brand strategy+positioning keeps sparking right into the marketing plan. Fuel to the engine. Exhilaration to the customer. Rev to the revenue.

Rule 2: There is no Rule #2
Rule 3: See Rule #2

So, hey, regarding my trilogy of posts on CreativeBranding and Marketing Plan,
do you, too, have this unexplainable need to create from what you need to break?

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Latest Update: May 09, 2017