So, yeah, you might not want to break the goat rule anytime soon, but here are the ones to go break into a million pieces… 

Rule 1 (to break): Write a Mission Statement.
Do this for your business plan, not for your branding. To brand, write your story. Simple, real, human, and well told. Where did you come from, why are you here? What do you believe and stand for? What are you building? Why? What is its value?

Rule 2 (to break): Ask Your Customers What They Want.
No. What they want is old news. You’re in the business of what they will want. Ask them what keeps them up at night. What gives them joy in the smallest of moments. Know them as people, not just customers. Then you might be able to create what they will want, but could never dream up quite like you can.

Rule 3 (to break): Write Business Plan Before Branding (or Rebranding).
Uh-uh. Don’t wait. Branding, with all your creative powers, is the emotional-logic compass that directs your business plan to true North. A clear and differentiating brand brings a business plan to life — or new life. It is the key business discipline to keeping operations humming to serve the revenue-generator: the customer. And it’s your customers who expect your brand and business to be two sides of the same experience and truth. You want to re-brand? That’s cool. Everybody buys a new wardrobe at some point. You want to change your truth? Not cool. There ain’t no clothes on that emperor.

So, hey, regarding my trilogy of posts on CreativeBranding and Marketing Plan,
do you, too, have this unexplainable need to create from what you need to break?

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Latest Update: May 09, 2017